BHFNC Family - we need you!

BHFNC Family – we need you!

Massive thanks to those that have volunteered in the Canteen already in 2017. Easter Saturday especially was amazing, a great revenue raiser for BHFNC and huge effort by those in the Canteen.

This week we are expecting (hoping) for another busy Saturday with Queenscliff in town and BHFNC welcoming past-players and administrators, and also celebrating the 1957 Premiership!

So, if you could do one 3 hour shift, that would make a huge difference.

There are 3 areas where we need help:
Food Prep – starting from 7.00am, making salad rolls, preparing food for cooking
Cooking – starting from 9.00am with main activity from 11.00am
Service – starting from 9.00am as well and peaking between 12.00pm and 3.00pm

Helping in any way would be great and it is actually good fun.

Also, if you have an RSA and are available, our Can Bar downstairs needs help on game days.

If you can help in any way, please email: with your details.

Go Gulls!