Dashing down the wing

Dashing down the wing

A light and dark blue tinge in my heart.

By Helen Wallace

BHFNC is special for me because when I first arrived in BH I was very pregnant with twins, looking after a farm, had 2 other little boys and knew no one. Having played netball at a fairly high level I missed it very much. I needed to get involved with something I loved and after having 4 kids in 5 years I needed something for me!

I remember getting involved firstly with selections. Jean Luke and I think Marg Pocock were sort of running the show then. They ran things differently to what I was used to. But were very welcoming and appreciative. Somehow I ended up playing and coaching seniors and coaching juniors. Bobby was playing junior footy and Les and Kane played U18’s and Sim played junior netball.

Our winters for many years revolved around BHFNC. They still do. Saturday’s started at 8 and finished in the old and then the new clubrooms about 6pm. Even though I was exhausted on a sat night, I loved every bit of coaching and especially playing.

Coaching the girls both juniors and seniors was so rewarding. My only disappointment was not to coach the girls to a premiership. I was lucky to play in a B grade premiership team though.

I have met so many wonderful people, amazing inspirational hardworking  people that make this Club so special. I have been very proud of my kids as they have displayed their talents and later on leadership and involvement at all levels within the Club.

I was so thrilled to receive life membership, especially alongside Joffa. Also the memorable U18 grand final win where we came back from certain defeat should help inspire players in every game and was a wonderful memory.

For the past 6 years Chris and I have travelled during the footy season therefore missing many seasons. Every Saturday I feel very homesick because I wish I could be in 2 places at once. I am lucky to be travelling and seeing the world and Oz but on a Saturday in the footy season I would rather be watching the Netta and footy, cheering the Mighty BH Seagulls.

I still get nervous awaiting to hear how they went, am so happy when they win and disappointed for them when they lose. I will always have a light and dark blue tinge in my heart. I feel guilty that I am not contributing anything but look forward to the opportunity to help out when we finally stop being gypsies .

Go Headers.