Charlie Brauer under 15 V-Line Cup Selection

Reflections from Coach Sam Schaller

Charlie Brauer under 15 V-Line Cup Selection

A huge congratulations to Charlie Brauer after he was selected in the final under 15 V-Line Cup squad.

For those that haven’t been closely following the colts this year, Charlie has put together an outstanding season so far becoming an extremely vital part of the colts’ successful season to date as a fantastic contributor through the midfield. Charlie who is only 14 years of age consistently comes up against bigger and older players each week but more often than not beats his opponent each and every time.

His coach and teammates hold him in the highest regard and have to continually remind ourselves that he is only 14 years old. He has amazing courage, great voice, leadership, awareness, understanding of the game, a great mark for his size and decision making. He is easy to pick with the long sleeves and Dustin Martin like haircut.

What makes the feat even better is that Charlie is one of only 7 boys in the squad of 50 to come from a Bellarine club which again is a fantastic effort. We all wish him the best of luck for future trainings and the carnival which is up in Gippsland, but in the short term we hope him and his seagull teammates can put together another two good showings to get them some premiership success.

A promising future awaits Charlie and the Seagull family will be there to help him every step of the way!

Sam Schaller