Time For a Town To Adopt Its Team

A call to action from Lawrie Malcolm. Get behind Barwon Heads this weekend.

Time For a Town To Adopt Its Team

By Lawrie Malcolm

There’s nothing quite like a sense of spring and a sniff of success to mobilise the footy fan. And for anyone who considers him or herself a fan of the game, one word captures what it’s all about at this time of year – FINALS.



Sat 2nd Sept 2.10pm

Seniors Preliminary Final:

Torquay vs Barwon Heads

at Mortimer Oval, Drysdale



Sun 3rd Sept 9am

Under 16’s Grand Final

Barwon Heads vs Geelong West Giants/Newtown

at Grenville Oval, Torquay

Luckily – although as everyone knows, you make your own luck in this game – the BHFNC Seniors have given us at least one more final to attend and enjoy. We’d be mad if we didn’t. After their stirring, storming victory over Modewarre last week, the boys have secured a spot in the prelim against Torquay.


For the winner, Ammos await in the GF. For the loser…well, something about make your arrangements or go mad on a Monday. Nobody will really notice.


If ever the time presented itself for the town to adopt the team, this Saturday is it. The absence of any AFL fixture means the absence of any excuse. The lawns can wait another week, so can the surf, the golf, shopping for a spring races frock, seeing if your cricket daks still fit – whatever follows footy can wait.


BHFNC is a great organisation that’s striving to become greater still and its relationship to the town is key. Saturday gives us the chance to give a little back to a club that provides our kids the opportunity to participate and provides their parents with great entertainment and the chance to socialise every time they play.


Saturday will be what they mean when they say ‘grass roots footy’. Which is phrase that can mean different things depending on punctuation or emphasis. But that’s by the by. What it really means this week is the chance for Barwon Heads to be more than just a team or a club but to be the town’s team, our club. Everyone’s.


This week it’s Seagulls season. Time to gullvanize – how great a phrase that is – and make your way to Drysdale to stand, or even twist, and shout. To cheer and hell, even drink a beer with your best friend why not?!


Because this is an occasion to see, to savour, to be able to say I was there the day Barwon Heads made the 2017 granny. To be able to claim I contributed. That I was a part of it and it was a part of me.