Junior Football Team Jumper Sponsorship


Junior Football Team Jumper Sponsorship

This year we are introducing a new package primarily designed for businesses that would benefit from increased exposure from our Junior Footballers – the Junior Jumper Sponsorship Package.

This is a separate package to those outlined in the BHFNC Sponsorship prospectus and can be taken up in addition to your BHFNC 2019 sponsorship package.

In summary the offer is:

  • Each Junior team has their own jumper Sponsor
  • Package commences in season 2019 and is for 2 years
  • Cost is $2000 (+GST) each year – total $4000 (+GST)

The primary reason we have created this package is to supplement the purchase on new football jumpers for our Junior Teams and to contribute to our Junior Football Program.

Whilst we are hoping that this new package provides an opportunity to attract new Sponsors to our club, we would like to thank Bellarine Property for committing to be Junior Jumper sponsors for two Junior Teams and our very own BHFNC AusKick Program who will also sponsor two Junior teams.

If you are interested in learning more about the Junior Jumper Sponsorship Package please contact Damian O’Malley at damien@omc-group.com.au OR Peter Debenham at peter@debenhamint.com.au. We will need to have these sponsorships confirm by January 25th to have time to order jumpers for the 2019 season.

We look forward to another successful season!

BHFNC Sponsorship Department 🐦