BHFNC Reserves Side


Barwon Heads reserves currently have a 7 win 4 loss record after 11 rounds and comfortably sit in the top 5 even though the team lost its opening two games of the season.

New Reserves Coach David Orchard who joined Barwon Heads after an extensive playing and coaching career predominantly with Western Region Football League clubs West Footscray and Parkside has led the team which has had 46 different players represent the team in the opening 11 rounds. Obviously the long injury list which has impacted on the club at senior level has ramifications at Reserves level. Only four players have played in all 11 games thus far – Sam Everett, Sean O’Leary, Oscar Young and Jake Stainsby.

The team has been led well by evergreen Peter Swinton, Billy Pelham and Harry Walker and Brock Close has been prominent and jointly leads the goalkicking with 12 goals with diminutive small forward Sammy Everett. Tim Chapman, Matthew Beckwith,  Dylan O’Leary, Mick Salmon, Chris Varsamakis, James Wills and Harrison Mitchell all have been rewarded with senior selection through their form at reserves level. Lloyd McIntyre and Matthew Bolger have been consistent defenders and Yappa Lowson has been a strong performer throughout the season. Connor McKinnon has been important when available and Brad Slorack looked promising before breaking his collarbone. Oscar Young continues to improve and his enthusiasm and determination shines through on a weekly basis. Jake Stainsby has been a great addition to the club and the “excitement machine” Hugh O’Brien continues to give 100% every week.

The Fridge has been a great target up forward and mid season arrivals Will Hawkes, Jordan West, Shaun Harmer and Nick Avery have all contributed. Undoubtedly the experienced Xavier Everett has had a big impact over the last month. Youngsters Nic McMahon, Zekiel Copland and Xavier Hamilton have been solid players and Darcy Hewitt has been important since returning from a finger injury. Early in the season Colts players Noah Young, Louis Polwarth and Oscar Irwin have played roles and TP made a strong return from his ACL this week after assisting off field all season. The club is also thankful to players like Craig Durran, Kane Atkins, Lee Van Gils, Luke Michell, Mark Swinton and Tom McGuinness who have all made important “cameo” appearances. Mac Kirsopp has been a popular addition to our playing stocks and Sam Mitchell was prominent before injury sidelined him.

Off the field Dave Orchard has been strongly supported by John O’Leary, Russell Walker and Gyprock.


Barwon Heads reserves produced their best performance for 2019 by overcoming the previously undefeated Modewarre in a complete team effort.

Barwon Heads 10.6 (66) defeated Modewarre 5.7 (37)

GOALKICKERS : Close 2, Sammy Everett 2, Harmer 1, Young 1, Varsamakis 1, Pocock 1, Xavier Everett 1, Mitchell 1

BEST PLAYERS : Xavier Everett, Close, Mitchell, Varsamakis, McIntyre, McMahon