BHFNC Women’s Football 2021- Sunday 2nd May will be sensational

This Sunday we have a fantastic day of Girls and Senior Womens Football at Howard Harmer Oval and we hope to see you there.

Our Senior Womens Football program continues to grow as our core group of BHFNC “veterans” continue to excel and we celebrate our “new recruits” who have chosen to pursue their football dreams and aspirations with BHFNC.

Last week, our 2 Senior teams competed against very strong St Mary’s outfits – below are the match insights from a player’s perspective:

BHFNC Senior Womens 1

Last Sunday we travelled to the reigning premiers, St Mary’s home turf for what turned out to be a nail bitter.

The women stood tall, showing Mary’s we’re no easy beat! From the first bounce, to the final kick on the siren, everyone attacked the ball with might.

Mac Meath and Mel McCluskey played their first senior game, alongside Carter who played her second game for the day.

The leadership group rallied around the players on field, leading their team to hard ball possessions and laying fierce tackles. No one gave up!

We’re an underdog in the competition but we’ve here to play!

BHFNC Senior Womens 2

Today’s game saw a mix of young, old and new women come together to take on St Mary’s. It was a fantastic effort on field by all, holding Mary’s to just 39 points. For anyone who followed along, in the inaugural year for the development team (two’s), this clash would typically see a blow out on the score board!

Georgia McFarlane stood tall and was the dynamite we needed in full back, with Prue and Tilli racking up the miles and possessions in the midfield, and Summer snagging the Resgulls only goal for the match.

The comradeship on and off field is definitely coming through and the commitment to each other will only strengthen the depth of this team in weeks to come.

Special shout out to Dave for his talk pre game and sharing what it means to him to play on ANZAC day. It’s an honour to play on this national day of remembrance.

“ This is not a day of celebration, but of national memory. It is a day for looking out for your mates, cherishing your home, your neighbourhood & your family. It’s a day for realising how wonderful this country of ours is and how precious it is” (Bob Carr).

2021 is going to be an exciting year and we would love you to be part of the journey.

Josh Bacely

Senior Coach – BHFNC Women’s Football