Netball FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Juniors
To save some time and improve shared understanding we have put together a few answers to common queries 
Q. We missed the cut off date for the Selection Trials Expressions of Interest (EOIs) – can my child still trial / play? 
A. Email the club to register your child’s interest. Please do not use the EOI links after the closure date. 
Depending on numbers, we may be able to accept late registration / EOIs.  Whilst we do try to accommodate all juniors, this may not always be possible. 
It is essential from a child safety perspective that we have accurate records of children who intend to participate in trials or come into our care. Please do not send your children to trials or training without confirmation from the club that your EOI has been received. 
If you have not received an email directly from the club about trials / team selections please get in touch as there may be an administrative error.
Q. Does my netballer need to trial even if they only want to play in a Friday night league?
A. Yes – participation at trials is important to ensuring selectors can assess players individually and ensure overall team compatibility. 
Netball is a team sport so we need all players to trial to ensure a fair and transparent process for all.  
Playing for BHFNC is a commitment spanning the whole season – this includes trials, training & game days.
Q. Can my netballer play in two grades or play up? All their friends are in the next age group but they are still eligible for the grade below…
A. Whilst it is possible for players to play in two grades. The club takes several things into account: 
– the age and development needs of the player 
– the player must first commit to playing in their age group division and prioritise their age group team first. This includes attending training each week. 
– playing in a second (higher) grade may be offered where there is an opening in a team and/or where it meets a skills gap for that team. 
– we encourage families to consider the netball commitment required playing in two teams each week for a child’s physical, social and emotional well-being needs, this also should include the impact on your household schedules before submitting the request. 
Q. My child also plays another sport or representative netball, do they still need to trial / train? 
A. Yes – playing for BHFNC is a commitment that spans the whole season.
As netball is a team sport, it can be unfair to other netballers and difficult for the coaching / team management personnel to undertake training and planning if players do not attend and commit to all trials, trainings and game days.  
Whilst we understand the start of the season can have a cross-over for other competitions and sports; due to high numbers of interest in our junior program, we select teams based on demonstrated skill and compatibility at trials. 
The club may elect to use its discretion to accommodate special requests if exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated. 
Q. My child played in the Div 1 team last season, do they automatically play in that division / team again?
A. No – each year the club holds selection trials to individually assess players and team compatibility. 
Your netballer is not guaranteed to be placed in the same team, division or with their existing friendship groups/ preferred peers when playing club netball at BHFNC. 
We take a strengths-based approach to team selection and recognise junior netballers grow and develop at different rates and lots can happen between seasons to influence skills and team compatibility. 
Players are placed in teams within their eligible age-group reflective of their skills and experience. Our club is fortunate to have many talented junior netballers and we field highly competitive teams every year. 
Our club policy is to always select teams that are highly competitive for the netball competition (whether that be a Tuesdsy, Friday or Saturday league). As this is club (not social) netball, we want to position our teams to win & have fun along the way, as that’s the aim of the game.
A extra benefit of this approach is the players and their families get the opportunity to make new friendships and expand their social networks through the club. 
Q. My child plays in a summer / other comp do they still need VNA (Netball Victoria membership)?
A. Yes – depending on which league (Sat or Fri) you will need to transfer your annual Netball Victoria registration across to Barwon Heads for the winter competition via Netball Connect. Upon registering your player to a Barwon Heads winter season comp, your fees will be discounted at the final payment screen. 
Q. Are there any extra commitments with BHFNC that I need to know about?
A. BHFNC relies on parent/guardian involvement and volunteers to support the junior program. There are both club and team level activities that need to be undertaken to ensure the club can continue to offer a junior netball program this includes
– Coach* to run training and game day activities. This can be jointly undertaken and accreditation is required. The club will support coaches to ensure players are developed and coaches have resources and guidance. The club can provide reimbursement for foundation coaching course costs where required. 
– Team Manager* to help with the match day paperwork and general information sharing amongst the team 
– Scorer / Time Keeper to assist with game day operations. Instructions and advice is provided to all match officials to ensure compliance with the leagues / competitions paperwork requirements. 
– Primary Carer* to provide immediate first aid for any injuries or illness that may occur (first aid qualification is required and the club may offer assistance to cover costs for this if required). 
A working with children clearance (WWCC) is required for any role marked with an * and the club may also undertake additional suitability assessments as part of our child safeguarding policies. 
– Canteen helpers to sell food and beverages from the clubhouse for a couple hours on home games. Each team usually is rostered on for this 1-2 times per season. 
– Sub-committees and fundraisers the club will also participate in various fundraisers and social events throughout the season and we welcome any assistance from our members and their families. 
If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to email us