500 Club - Year 2 Update

500 Club – Year 2 Update

Who will be the winner of $500 this week?

The 500 Club was established last year as a fundraiser for BHFNC. It’s an exclusive club with strictly limited spots available, so if you are interested, get in quick.

Be in the weekly draw to win $500. Only 45 numbers are sold with 4 available now.

Choose your number and for an ongoing commitment of just $20 per week, you are in the draw for $500 every week for 1 year.

Everyone has a 1:45 chance of winning $500 every week.

The winning number is determined by the first number drawn in the Saturday Tattslotto and winners will be notified by email each week.

Year 2 of the BHFNC 500 Club commences Saturday April 22 (Round 2).

Contact: admin@barwonheadsfnc.org.au or phone Sally Mitchell 0417 352 895