Dashing down the wing

Dashing down the wing

Verse, Versus, Versing

by Lawrie Malcolm

The language of footy has clearly evolved over the years so that we now have shots on goals, not kicks for goal, we have playing groups instead of teams, defence has become dee-fence and, somehow, versing has become a verb.

And don’t get me started on inflection – it’s ‘FreMANtle’ people, not ‘FREEmantle’.

But all this is mere detail, a verbal accompaniment to the greatest game ever invented. And while some things have evolved, others, thankfully, haven’t.

One of these is mud.

At Modewarre mud was generously supplied by the home club and was gratefully accepted by the visiting BHFNC U10 and U12 teams. As our boys are accustomed to the sandy soils of the Bellarine it was a novelty to have a muddy ground to play on – and a washy, sloshy centre square to roll about in post game, as the U10’s did with gusto.

One of the best things April has delivered this year is – in addition to a so far un-defeated BHFNC seniors team – the welcome return of junior footy where evolution is dramatically evident in just how much our kids have grown since they last donned the two blues.

They’re not only taller but quicker, stronger and more skilled. One of life’s pleasures as a parent is watching your children participate in sport. Two keys words here. ‘Participating’ for the kids, who care far less about winning and losing than the grown ups. And ‘watching’ for the parents, which means actually, actively observing how our sons or daughters involve themselves in a team game.

Someone wise once said to me, don’t wander off for a coffee when your boys are playing, don’t fiddle with your phone or get too caught up in chat – but really watch what happens on and off the field. You’ll find out things about your children.

If you keep watching you may one day observe them running out for the seniors – just as two players who have played with the club since U10s did on Easter Saturday – that’s evolution at its best, in any language!