Dashing down the wing

Dashing down the wing

And the answer is always yes.

By Simone Wallace

When I moved out of my family home a few years ago, there was one thing I made sure I took with me – my netball ring. My latest games suggest I should probably use it more often but it was the first thing to be popped into the ground before landscaping was even considered. I love having it because when I do get out to use it, it reminds me of the many hours of goaling practice my mum (BHFNC Life Member and netball superstar) would do as a teenager with her Dad cheering her on in her backyard.

I never thought I’d play netball but when I watched Mum play for Barwon Heads one day, I wanted to give it a try. It was then, some 18 years ago; I started playing for Barwon Heads.

Some things have certainly changed since then.

3 uniform changes – once navy blue netball skirts with tucked in light blue polo tops, then one-piece body suits and now, the more modern straight line dresses with shorts. Of course, our clubrooms and facilities have changed over time and more recently our netball facilities have been revamped. I used to be one of the ‘young’ players playing in a senior team with experienced players and I used to be able to play two full games on one day no problem – how that has changed. Successfully scoring a game now almost requires a degree and you can no longer be 15 years old and go on a netball trip. Thanks to Marcel and our many social media outlets, you now can’t get away with anything!

At the end of every season you ask yourself the same question, am I going to play next year? Can I brave the winter elements for another season? Can I give up my Saturdays? And the answer is always yes. Because you love it.

And because some things haven’t changed, and never will.  Like the fact that our club is still run by passionate and selfless volunteers. That so many people give up hours of their own time for free to run our football and netball club. That we have by far the nicest coloured uniforms.

And that at every home game you’re bound to bump in to people you haven’t seen in a while at Howard Harmer Reserve cheering on our netballers and footballers as proud supporters of the best club in the league.