Dashing Down the Wing

"Hello from the other side"

Dashing Down the Wing

Hello from the other side

By Andy Walsgott

It’s been a great 9 months away from the greatest place in the world – Barwon Heads and Community, The Seagulls. I can honestly say there is hardly a day that goes by where a thought or many thoughts doesn’t go through my head about BHFNC or my closest friends from there.

Much like back home the club and football still lives as apart of myself, Scott’s (Michell) and three Torquay FC boys who I also live within the UK’s routines on a weekly basis, calculating our 8-9 time difference to figure out when the Senior side is read out and when 12 and 2pm has come around for us too refresh the Team App to get the latest scores. In the current landscape of social media it’s been so easy to keep up with the entire latest happening on and off the field after functions at BHFNC with frequent updates coming through from Sammy Schaller and co.

Over this season, from the top of my head I can recall refreshing the scores at famous landmarks in Hungary and Poland with probably the highlight coming on a train between Germany and Czech Republic when I finally got some reception and had the pleasure of showing our group the Gulls just drummed Torquay by nearly 100 points.

The 5 of us have played this season with West London Wildcats AFL side and whilst this is a very unique and great experience it has been a constant reminder to myself of what a special community we have at BHFNC. The excitement of heading to the club and everything that entails with the people we have is something that I have really learnt to appreciate and miss being on the other side of the world.

To finish on this season, whilst leaving me with elements of sadness not being back home and missing out it has filled me with an absolute feeling of excitement and pride for where the club is positioned at the moment. Whilst there is plenty of work to do I could not be happier with this seasons for the amazing people at the footy club, my closest friends playing Netball and Football and in particular the one and only Bobby Wallace.

Go Gulls!