Barwon Heads entered its Round 9 away game against Torquay with 4 changes to the side which lost narrowly at home against Anglesea last week. Returning to the team from suspension was Tim McIntyre and Matty Dyer, Kai Copland from injury and Billy Pelham was promoted after strong form in the Reserves. Out of the side went Wayne Barrett and Mick Salmon with injury and Matt Beckwith and Harrison Mitchell were dropped to the reserves.
The game begun in magnificent sunny conditions in front of a big crowd and the game was being played at a frantic pace. Mitch Gaunt was prominent early and midfielders Ned Aulsebrook, Braeden Eddy, Otto Opperman, Mitch Phelps and James Wills were teaming well to provide plenty of supply up forward. Damien Horbury was dominant up forward and defenders Jaydan McLauchlan, Michael Philp, Billy Pelham, Zac Walter, Kyle Polley and Mitch Herbison were providing plenty of rebound out of defence. Torquay goalled when Bed Raidme who was receiving close attention by Bradley Michell intercepted a kick in to goal and then a Paul McMahon goalled from a ruck infringement against Chris Varsamakis. Tim McIntyre kicked a great running goal for our first major but Callum Currie kicked his first goal for the day. Just before quarter time Mitch Herbison goalled from a tight angle and reduced the margin to 5 points at the first break.

The second quarter begun with the Heads on top winning centre square clearances and quickly grabbed the lead through goals to Tim McIntyre, a great snap by Braedo and great long angle goal from Chris Martin. The overall intensity was high with Mitch Phelps dominating and Matty Dyer, Ben Stephens and Kai Copland getting involved. Torquay were not to be denied and goalled through McMahon and Currie kicking their second goals. Barwon Heads then established a two goal lead when Willsy and Herbi both converted set shots. On the half time siren Currie kicked his third to reduce the lead to 4 points.

The third quarter begun with Torquay looking the better side and multiple turnovers and poor decision made by the Seagulls resulted in the bulk of the play in Torquay’s half of the ground. Mitch Phelps was unable to resume in the third quarter and Torquay key forward Paul McMahon was also an onlooker in the second half. Torquay was squandering opportunities in front of goal but established a 4 goal lead but kicked 4 goals 7 behinds to leave the door ajar if the Heads could respond. On the three quarter time siren, Herbi kicked his third goal to reduce the margin to 19 points.

The Heads kicked the opening goal through Tim McIntyre to reduce the lead to 2 goals but this two goal margin was a recurring theme during the final stanza. Both sides traded blows and the game was going to be decided by the side with the greater decision making and composure when in possession. Youngsters Kai Copland and Dom Booth were lively in the final quarter and Noah Young kicked an inspirational running goal but the Heads could never get closer than two goals. In the final couple of minutes to Torquay’s credit, the Tigers kicked the final two goals late to run out 4 goal winners.

Torquay 14.19 (103) defeated Barwon Heads 11.13 (79)

GOALKICKERS: McIntyre 3, Herbison 3, Horbury 1, Martin 1, Young 1, Eddy 1, Wills 1

BEST PLAYERS: Horbury, Phelps, McLauchlan, Polley, Aulsebrook, Opperman


Barwon Heads reserves whilst brave with only 21 players, were overpowered in the second half to lose to Torquay by 63 points. Torquay have only lost once and the Seagulls after six consecutive wins, were unable to match the Tigers.

Torquay 14.9 (93) defeated Barwon Heads 4.6 (30)

GOALKICKERS: Kinsey 3, Chapman 1

BEST PLAYERS: D.O’Leary, Beckwith, McIntyre, Lowson, Chapman, Copland

Next week is the “BATTLE OF THE BRIDGE” with Barwon Heads playing Ocean Grove away in a crucial game.