A great initiative from the Barwon Heads junior football section led by Damien Clarke to name a number of our junior sides after families who have been and still are significant contributors to BHFNC. Our club is in the great position of having multiple sides in some age groups and rather than calling our teams Barwon Heads blue or white etc, this initiative to honour some of our greatest players and volunteers is a great tribute to all involved.

Below is a list of those names and their contributions to BHFNC and also the coach of each side.

This initiative has been well received by all involved and we look forward to a successful season for our junior sides in 2021 with the season commencing this weekend.

U/13 Swinton.  Coach Chris Cunningham

The Swinton’s, Lenny, Marilyn and their seven sons, Garry, Mick, David, Paul, Mark, Rick and Peter, have been part of the BHFNC family for many, many years.  Between them all they have held many position at the club.  The Swinton family have been senior footballers, junior footballers, committee people, head trainers, barmen, canteen managers, runners, captain, coaches and assistant coaches during their association with the club.  The youngest son, Peter has played over 200 senior games with the club and is still pulling the boots on in our reserves.

U/13 Polley.  Coach Damian Clarke

Kyle Polley played all his junior footy with Barwon Heads, a home grown 1 pointer, and now a current senior player.  Kyle won our senior footy best fairest in our 2019 premiership year.  Kyle’s father Jason also played for BHFNC in the late 90’s/early 2000’s and coached our reserves for 3 seasons.  Kyle’s mum Jo and sister Skye also played for the seagulls in our netball club.  Jo can often be found in the canteen behind the scenes, still contributing to the club.

U/11 Armstrong.  Coach Tom Whitehead

Tim Armstrong was our premiership captain in 1993.  Tim went on to become junior co-ordinator for a number of years when he retired from footy.  He played an important role as senior football manager up until the end of 2018, in putting together a senior list over a number of years with a real focus on home grown talent that went on to win the flag in 2019.  Tim’s son Will played junior football and his wife and two daughters play netball for our club.

U/11 Miles.  Coach Andrew McGregor

Teia Miles played all of his junior football at Barwon Heads.  He went on to play with the Geelong Falcons and was drafted by Hawthorn Footy Club.  Teia is now listed with Williamstown VFL.  Teia’s father Geoff (Joffa) (ex-Collingwood, West Coast & Geelong AFL footballer) also played for our club.  Past player, past president, past football manager.  Joffa became an institution at our club.

U/10 Herbison.  Coach Darren Findling

Mitch Herbison started his footy career in Barwon Heads Auskick.  Mitch played all of his junior footy and commenced his senior career with BHFNC.  After a decorated stint at South Barwon FC and Geelong VFL, Mitch returned home to coach BHFNC.  Mitch is our longest serving coach and delivered our flag in 2019.  Herbi’s father Derek has also had a huge influence on our club and was instrumental in setting up the Barwon Heads Auskick program. Derek has been a runner, football team manager and a past president.  Herbi’s brother Sam also played junior and senior football at BHFNC.

U/10 Mitchell.  Coach Stephen Gill

Troy Mitchell joined Herbi as co-coach of our senior squad at the beginning of 2019 after a very successful playing career (Spotswood, Williamstown & Werribee) and coaching career (Lara, Geelong College and St Mary’s) Troy was instrumental in developing our squad and bringing home the flag in 2019 with Herbi.  Troy’s sons (Logan and Harrison) now call BHFNC home as senior players.

U/9 Wallace.  Coach Ted Mithen

Bob Wallace also started his footy career at Barwon Heads Auskick and played all of his football with BHFNC.  Bobby has won senior best and fairests, junior best and fairests, club captain, and coached the senior team in years 2017 & 18.  Bobby’s mum Helen and sister Simone have also been a huge part of our club through their involvement as  players, coaches and committee members for our netball club.

U/9 O’Leary.  Coach Daniel Peterson

The O’Leary brothers Wolf, Rock and Menace (Cameron, Dylan and Shaun) all started with BHFNC in our junior program.  All three have played senior football for BHFNC and are still part of our senior squad.  The lad’s father the Moth (John) has been a significant contributor to the club as has his wife Michelle. Volunteer roles have included being a team manager at both junior and senior level, runner, umpire escort, jumper washer, canteen worker etc to name a few of the roles eagerly embraced.