BH Footy Fixture: June 3rd/4th 2017

Football Fixture Details: June 3rd/4th

Bobby Wallace courtesy @gazsurfpics. This Saturday June 3rd the Seniors (14:10) and Reserves (12:00) are away to Drysdale (Mortimer Oval).  It’s a great fixture if you want to check out the action locally.  Saturday has 3 home games at Howard Harmer Oval; U10’s and both U12 Boys teams and 3 home games on Sunday June 4th, including U12 and U19 Girls and U14 Heads.  All welcome.

Saturday 3rd June, 2017

U10 (B) BH vs Queenscliff at 8:30 Howard Harmer Oval

U12 (B) BH Heads vs St Albans Grinter at 9:50 Howard Harmer Oval

U12 (B) BH Gulls vs Lara Flinders at 11:20 Howard Harmer Oval

U9 OGCC orange vs BH at 8:30 at OG Memorial Rec Reserve

Colts Werribee Centrals vs BH at 10:00 at Galvin Park

Reserves Drysdale vs BH at 12:00 Mortimer Oval

Seniors Drysdale vs BH at 14:10 Mortimer Oval

Sunday 4th June, 2017

U12 (G) BH vs OG Red at 9:00 at Howard Harmer Oval

U19 (G) BH vs Bell Post Hill at 10:20 at Howard Harmer Oval

U14 (B) BH Heads vs Leopold 1 at 12:05 at Howard Harmer Oval

U14 (B) Lara 2 vs BH Gulls at 10:30 Bisenella Oval

U16 (B) OG 3 vs BH at 12:00 Ray Menzies Oval

U15 (G) Bye