Long Weekend Netball Update

Queen’s Birthday Weekend – Netball Update

Netball Update from Sally Mitchell:

Some wins and some losses on the courts from the weekend.

Generally, our juniors are still well and truly on fire and, while there is still a way to go, we are still sitting pretty comfortably for finals contention. But, to take something more along the Brendan Bolton vein – it’s not the ladder position that matters; rather what happens on the court week after week. There are always going to be things to work on and as long as we continue to do that – we are moving ahead.

What I did love was the positivity I heard from the Under 17 Div 1 coaches when I was eavesdropping after the game. Perri and Lucy worked entirely on the positives that they observed in the game. The points for improvement were delivered positively and in a manner that is conducive to making players feel valued and for the benefit of the team.

Likewise, Elise Jane Ruggles‘ Under 19 girls are really moving in the right direction and the improvements in the team were pretty evident on Saturday. When your coach is excited, speaking positively about the team and loving what she is doing – something is going well!

Branchy’s Under 13 girls are another group to keep an eye on. While they didn’t win on Saturday, Branchy’s brand of coaching is all about ‘team’, commitment, learning and improving. No room for individuals! Love it Branch!

On another note, if you happen to see Marcel about, don’t forget to thank him for hanging out with us on Saturday and snapping some amazing shots! Sonia Panek has already thanked him in her own way:) and Marcel was extremely grateful Sonia!

Again, what on Earth would we do without Monique Adams, Chloe Josephand our team of umpires? From the junior girls Charlize Brice, Charlie Duval, Eloise Stock and Ruby – and please comment on any I have forgotten, who turn up week after week; April Joseph and Georgie Gough who squeeze in games between their own – and Lindy who had a well-deserved break this week – we appreciate all of you immensely.

Queenscliff at Queenscliff next week and they have some ripper junior teams so there will be some tough games for us!

Go Headers!